1. Eddy's Job
  2. Elephants Almost Never Forget
  3. Marvin's High Dive
  4. Eddy's Wrong Order
  5. Stripes' Sticky Situation
  6. Stripes Takes Off
  7. The New Band
  8. Eddy's Video
  9. Elizabeth's Biggest Fan
  10. The Visit
  11. Marvin's Roommate
  12. Stripes' Dental Fuss
  13. Marvin's Surprise
  14. Eddy Learns to Dance
  15. Visit to Grandma's
  16. Gone Fishing
  17. Marvin's Breakfast Jam
  18. The Iron Claw
  19. Elizabeth and the Haunted House
  20. Marvin Horses Around
  21. The Big Show
  22. Eddy's Fortune
  23. Eddy's Charm
  24. Eddy and the Cowboy
  25. When Pigs Fly
  26. Mr. P. Nutty
  27. Now You See It...
  28. When the Stars Come Out
  29. Eddy and the Record
  30. Marvin in the Movies
  31. Marvin and Eddy in the Middle of Nowhere
  32. Stripes' Mis-Fortune
  33. Just for Kicks
  34. Edna the Singing Sensation
  35. Elizabeth in Charge
  36. Dare to Dream
  37. The Importance of Being Eddy
  38. Eddy's Sore Throat
  39. Little Olaf
  40. Jokers Go Wild
  41. Pop Goes the Weasel
  42. Marvin's Lucky Hat
  43. To Flea or Not to Flea
  44. Eddy's Sleepover
  45. Marvin Keeps Track
  46. Diamonds' Dance Party
  47. Paint Your Wagon
  48. Truth or Bear
  49. Elizabeth's Big Splash
  50. Stripes' World Tour
  51. Little Big Man
  52. Fast Talkin' Jack's Real Class Act

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